Picosalax - Pharmaco's Bowel Cleanser

What to expect when taking Picosalax

Picosalax will cause you to have watery diarrhoea. Each dose of Picosalax usually produces a bowel movement within 2-3 hours, depending on your individual response. Make sure you are close to a bathroom during this time.

Taking Picosalax to clean your bowel

YES, you can drink.....

NO, do not have...

End result

Your Doctor will have discussed what your bowel motions should look like after taking Picosalax. The images below give an indication of what your bowel motions should look like. For example, clear yellow urine, with no solid bits. Check out the pictures below as a guide.

The image below is intended as a general guide only. Speak to your Doctor/Nurse if you have any questions or concerns.